Children of Hope Foundation

Mission Statement: The Children of Hope Foundation is an entity sponsored by NHCDC for the purpose of raising capital nationally, regionally and locally.  The Children of Hope Foundation is comprised of committed people who have a wide range of gifts, talents, expertise and experience.

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Drug Intervention & Prevention

Social Services Goals 1. Increase community awareness of various services available. 2. Provide substance abuse counseling to family members and those who have problems with addictions. 3. Provide a 12-month treatment plan to all who visit the City of Refuge Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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Our Goals: The Youth for Change Program   1. Equip parents of students with educational information that will enable them to make healthy and wise decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their children;   2. Provide a safe, clean and healthy environment, whereby, students can have an opportunity to thrive academically;

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Economic Development

Developmental Goals: 1. Provide decent, safe and affordable family housing units. 2. Improve the quality of life by addressing substandard living conditions. 3. Facilitate programs for first-time home buyers. 4. Create job opportunities. 5. Collaborate partnerships with government agencies and lending institutions to centralize existing investments within the community.

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Housing Initiative

NHCDC East Bank Housing Development Initiative NHCDC has conducted a survey into the housing market and has identified a significantly underserved segment among low-income homeowners in Kenner, La.  The organization is uniquely positioned to serve low-income first time homebuyers because of its long standing history serving people in the community,

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New Hope Community Center

We need your help to impact more individuals, families and communities. Be a part of a growing number of good-hearted supporters who continue to help for a brighter tomorrow. Together we can transform communities from the inside out!


We are constantly adding dates to the calendar to inspire others to join us and give back to the community. For a complete list of our events and programs, please look at our online Events Calendar!


We have developed many programs over the years to enrich our communities and reach out to educate our youth. For more information, please visit our Programs page.